Meet the team

born2scan is a team of students, IT Security and CTF enthusiasts from Tuscany, Italy.

We formed in 2019 at University of Florence under the CyberChallenge.IT program.

This is our shared blog that we’ll use to write detailed CTF writeups of challenges we solved, misc articles, team news and announce upcoming events.

Meet the team


ionno Ion Farima Web
lillo Letterio Galletta BinaryCrypto
beryxz Lorenzo Coppi Web Pwning things for fun and profit
synack Niccolò Maggioni NetworkHardware Oh, good. My slow-clap processor made it into this thing


Virgula Angelo Rosa Web Pwning my own bugs
cocsx Cosimo Giraldi Binary
mashtrishke Giacomo Binary
GB1 Gianmarco Pastore BinaryCrypto Just hanging around
lonixon Gioele Dimilta Web
daisy Giulia Aloia Binary
Rom7x Romeo Biancalani Web HACKED!


CyberChallenge cadets of each year & the ones that were so enthusiastic about CTFs to keep rolling with us.


b2s.born2scan (at) gmail.com